March 27, 2018

While many may be planning to celebrate the Easter holidays, there are still some people who will be working away. While it can't be avoided, it can understandably be a little disheartening if you are away during the holiday. However, we don't think that it should be a reason to feel down.

Just because you are working away over Easter doesn’t mean that you still can’t enjoy yourself. Indeed, if you’re staying in hotels in Nottingham or Derby then this won’t be an issue. There’s plenty that will keep you occupied in both cities or you can even celebrate in the hotel. But if you aren't sure what you can do over the holidays whilst working away, this list may help. Whether you’d rather stay in or go out, there is sure to be something that you can do to make the most of this holiday.

Staying in the Hotel

If you’re working late and don’t feel like going anywhere then you can always celebrate Easter in the hotel. Just because there may not be specific activities going on, it doesn't mean that there won't be something enjoyable that you can do.

  • Watch a film – You could find an Easter movie or one of the many Easter shows that will no doubt be on TV to watch while you relax in your room. There’s bound to be something that you will enjoy watching!
  • Skype the family – You might feel a little sad that you can’t be with the family over the holidays but you can always Skype them. If you have kids, you could even organise a virtual Easter egg hunt or maybe do an Easter quiz over Skype
  • Enjoy the food – While you will most probably enjoy breakfast every morning, why not go for more eggs? It’s certainly the season, after all! You can then follow the theme and treat yourself to a delicious chocolate egg in the evening. It is Easter, after all - what better excuse to spoil yourself?

Venturing Out

However, if you have the time and feel like going out - go for it! You will most probably find plenty of exciting Easter-themed activities going on that you can take part in.

  • Easter fair – If there’s an Easter fair nearby then why not check it out? If the kids are off school and your partner can bring them down for a night then it’s something that you can all enjoy together
  • Catch a movie – While you may find something interesting on the TV there are a ton of movies that come out over the Easter period so why not head out for the evening and watch one?
  • Shopping – You could also go shopping. While it may not be a strictly Easter activity, you may find some great Easter gifts for some of your friends and family

Now that you know what you can do whilst you're working away over the Easter holidays, there should be no reason for you to just sit in the hotel room and let it pass you by. Celebrate Easter and make the most of the occasion whether you're at home or staying in hotels in Nottingham or Derby.

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