August 10, 2017

Successful businessmen will often tell you that a handshake can tell you everything that you need to know about a person. There is only so much that can be picked up via a computer screen, which is why at our Derbyshire meeting rooms, businesses make the most of productive conferences and meetings.

While the introduction of video conferences has made it easier for businesses to conduct meetings, you never quite get the full picture until you meet face to face.

The Art of the Deal

Hidden behind a screen, the art of the deal is lost. No matter how convincing you sound, you can only make yourself so personable in front of the camera. It’s not natural, and you have no eye-contact, which is the number one mark of a trustworthy and confident person.

Body language says a lot more than words ever could. When you are hosting an audience, you take centre stage and confront any issues that are raised head on. At our meeting rooms in Derbyshire, we create an atmosphere where colleagues and business associates can come together and discuss any issues in a productive environment.

Breakfast and Lunch

Before the start of any meeting, as well as during, of course, it is important that colleagues interact with one and other on an informal basis. Sitting together and enjoying breakfast and/or lunch allows everyone to break the ice and become more comfortable in their company and surroundings.

Some of the best ideas are thought of when colleagues are taking a break from proceedings, discussing ideas with each other and can immediately present them to the table. This is the downfall of video conferencing, as you are never presented with the opportunity to socialise with your colleagues, or bound ideas about away from the meeting setting.

Picking the best Meeting Rooms in Derbyshire

If you or your company is looking for the best meeting rooms in Derbyshire to conduct a sales meeting or hold a conference, at Best Western you will find a range of facilities perfect for you.

As well a day packages for delegates, we also offer accommodation ideal for business associates travelling far and wide where they can stay the night and feel refreshed in the morning. As a hotel based near East Midlands Airport, we welcome a host of international business people every day.

For more information on how to book your meeting or conference room at Best Western, please contact us online or call 0115 946 0000 today.

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