September 26, 2017

Location is the predominant factor that travellers consider when picking a hotel, whether for business or pleasure. This is almost always for convenience - because who wants to be stuck miles away from where you need to be, stuck in traffic? At our Best Western Nottingham and Derby hotel, we understand the importance of good location, which is why we are a top choice when it comes to picking from the list of hotels near M1 motorway.

Whether you are travelling overnight and are looking for a convenient pitstop, or are a business traveller in need of business and conference facilities that aren't too deep into the maze of inner cities, you've got all that and more with our hotel. Want to know more? Keep reading to find out some more reasons why location and transport links are so important to our guests.

Avoiding Unnecessary Hassle

Nobody has time to be stuck in traffic, but unfortunately, it's a common fact of life when travelling.

If you have an important meeting to make in a city just an hour down the road, encountering a traffic jam can really add to the time taken out of your day. What should have taken a few hours takes up the best part of your working day. We understand that time is precious, which is why our location is so beneficial.

Say Goodbye to Transportation Worries

If your destination doesn't have good transport links, then travelling city to city can be an exhausting experience. Eliminate your transport worries by choosing a hotel that is not only conveniently located, but also has great connectivity and transport links. Situated just off the M1 motorway, choosing our hotel for your business meeting could not be easier

No Need for a Sat Nav

If you are meeting at a location that doesn’t offer a good connectivity to the surrounding area, then it can be easy to get lost. Utilising a sat nav and trying to find your way around an unknown city can be more difficult than it sounds during rush hour. Choosing a location that gives you the freedom to turn the Sat Nav off not only makes life easier but faster, too.

Choosing the Right Hotel Near M1

If you are travelling to Nottingham or Derby for a meeting or conference, then the Best Western Nottingham and Derby hotel, is the best choice for you. We are situated right between both Derby and Nottingham, just off the M1 and A52 junction and the hotel is only 15 minutes away from both the Nottingham and Derby city centres. It is easily accessible from the East Midlands airport, making for an unrivalled location.

We offer a variety of leisure services and facilities and cater to both personal and business-related stays. Whatever your excuse to stay with us, we promise to make it a memorable experience.

We have got you covered for all your transportation needs. Our reception staff have contacts for local taxi companies. Just let us know and we can help you arrange for one.

Get more out of your time while visiting the city by staying with us. Contact us to book your stay today. We can’t wait to have you!

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