July 10, 2018

Living for the weekend? You might be if you are planning a short trip away, but while you may have planned what to do and where to stay, have you got your packing list sorted? Packing to go away for a short break shouldn’t be an overcomplicated process and in fact, having a “to-go” bag ready can be great for those late planners among us.

You’ll want to pack light too, particularly if you are planning on travelling via public transport where space is limited and if you need to carry your bag for long distances. You don’t want to strain your shoulders before your holiday begins!

Let’s break down what you might need for a short break away for two or three nights' stay in a cheap hotel in Nottingham.


Unless you are planning to attend a posh dinner or an up-market event, you only need one pair of jeans and a couple of pairs of light trousers (or skirts) to travel with. Packing for the “what-if” can be avoided by planning and booking your activities prior to your arrival.

Take a clean t-shirt for each day but don’t worry about folding them - rolling t-shirts saves space while also avoiding creases. You can also roll up your underwear and socks for safe keeping! Don’t forget to pack a spare plastic bag to put any dirty laundry in while you’re away.

If you need to bring a towel, consider investing in a microfibre towel. Not only do these often come in their own bag with a clip for attaching to your backpack, but for their size, they absorb a lot of water and only take up a very small space.


Considering most toiletries don’t have an expiration date, these are the sorts of things you can decant in advance and leave in a clear wash-bag for travelling on short notice. You could even plan ahead and purchase a set of clear bottles less than 100ml, suitable for air travel.

Other items you’ll want to have prepared include a toothbrush, hairbrush and deodorant, in addition to any of your personal grooming effects such as hair gel, hairspray etc.


We’ve all got gadgets we like to have with us when we are travelling or staying away for a short break, but we don’t want to load ourselves up too much. Consider taking a lightweight camera, your personal mp3 player or e-reader, extra batteries or a portable battery pack (make sure to give it a full charge before travelling!) and any necessary memory cards. A decent portable battery pack allows for multiple charges and can reduce the number of individual chargers you need to carry.


We can’t always be prepared for everything, but having some emergency supplies available in addition to normal medicines such as painkillers, headache tablets, after-sun treatment for sunburn and sun-tan lotion is a good idea.

Emergency supplies could include a separate clip of money, an emergency credit card, a small umbrella and sleeping supplies such as earplugs and a sleeping mask.

These bits don’t have to take up a lot of room and can be stored in a separate bag tucked away in your main carry-bag or backpack for safe-keeping.

Don’t forget to keep all your important documents in one place, such as reservation details, passport (where required) and any travel tickets you need to carry and keep them somewhere you can get to readily.

By planning ahead and keeping a packing list or a to-go bag with everything you need, you’ll save yourself the stress of packing on short notice! All that’s left is to enjoy your stay, whether you choose to stay in a cheap hotel in Nottingham or head further afield.

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