February 13, 2018

The working week can often seem as though it’s dragging - especially if you are working away from home. When in this position, many people find themselves with no idea what to do when they finish work for the day. After all, you’re in a strange place and you might not know many people in the area. However, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying yourself and making the most of your downtime. In fact, it might make it easier to do!

If your job requires you to stay in hotels near Nottingham or any other major city then you should always have plenty to do. Whether it’s to go out and enjoy a meal or simply staying in and watching a film, you must decide what you want to do in order to make the most of your downtime. If you're struggling to think of things to do during the evening on your own, here are a few activities that we recommend.

Watch A Movie

You don’t need to stay in to enjoy your downtime - go out and explore! Maybe pay a visit to the local cinema and watch a film that you’ve wanted to see for a while. It’s something different and if you’re only going to work and then back to the hotel every day then it will break up the week and give you something different to do.

Go Out to Dinner

If there’s nothing in the cinema that you want to watch then don’t worry, you can still enjoy yourself by going out. Why not check out some of the local restaurants, or even visit a different one every evening? This will give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy some quality time to yourself over a delicious meal. Alternatively, if you’d rather, you could always stay in and eat at the hotel - it’s much better than eating alone in your room.

Go for A Walk

If you don’t want to stay in the hotel but don’t want to spend any money, then go for a walk. It will help to clear your mind, minimise the stress of your working day and is far better than sitting around thinking about whether you’ve had a good or bad day at work. Plus, it will also help to keep you active while you're away from home.

Relax with A Drink

If you’d rather spend some time in the hotel then sit back and relax with a drink - of course, it doesn’t have to be alcoholic. Kick back in your room with a nice warm hot chocolate and get stuck into a book or magazine, or even catch up on the day's social media news.

Catch Up on TV

You might want to relax in your room and catch up on some TV. If this sounds like the perfect way to spend an evening, simply make yourself a drink, put your feet up and flick through the channels.

Turn Off Your Phone

If your job requires you to spend hours on the phone, then take a break when you get back to the hotel. Turn off your phone and enjoy your downtime without any distractions. If you still want to use your phone but don’t want to be disturbed by any work-related calls, then just put it in aeroplane mode for the evening.

If you do work away a lot and are struggling to find the right accommodation, check out Best Western’s available rooms. Easily accessible and located close to the M1, we offer a range of beautiful rooms at affordable prices. For more information about our facilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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