August 14, 2018

As we move further into the 21st century, technology development has grown rapidly and every week we hear about new technology that could possibly change the way we live. From the invention of the smartphone to the incoming era of self-driving cars, technology has brought some incredible things to the table of life.

When talking about exhibitions, conferences and meetings, technology has made huge changes in the way these events are held. From the ease of booking meeting rooms from Nottingham to Berlin online and the ability to invite thousands of targeted guests at the touch of a button to the technology that is being used in conferences and exhibitions to date.

How Times Have Changed

Once upon a time, a business organising an event would have to spend hundreds, if not, thousands of pounds in drafting, creating and sending out invites to all their attendees. It’s hard to think about the sort of costs involved if there was a change to the schedule or event that needed to be announced. Today, with the advent of both social media and professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn, businesses spend the bare minimum in both cost and time, sending out emails, notices or online notifications of events, changes and additions.

At the same time, delegates and attendees would need to carry tens, hundreds or even thousands of physically printed business cards to hand out when networking. With the invention of the NFC “tap” technology, business cards are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. There are several companies dedicated to creating “tap” networking technology which often consists of a puck-like device on a lanyard. When tapped together, the devices automatically exchange the wearer's information with the conversing party. This is a great time saver and increases the number of time guests get to socially network.

Bridging the Gap

There was once a time when being halfway across the world from an event either meant a very expensive business trip or simply not attending. With the implementation of online streaming and recording technology, no one needs to miss out and even speakers and hosts can be hosted via video call if they are unable to attend the conference in person. With exciting virtual reality technology improving year on year, how long will it be before the physical event is a thing of the past?

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