April 26, 2018

In our experience, frequent travellers travelling to and from East Midland’s Airport spend a large amount of time planning for their trip, whether they are travelling for business purposes or leisure. It can become an arduous process, getting your travel plans together, packing your essentials, booking your airport hotels in Derbyshire, etc. but by forming a more streamlined process, you can spend less time planning and more time relaxing.

These five tips could help you to streamline your travel plans:

1. Use technology/apps – Using apps to help plan your travel can not only save time but it can also reduce the need to print off tickets, accommodation confirmations, etc. For booking flights, apps like Skyscanner can save you lots of time by pulling together all of the information you are looking for into one place. You can see a dashboard of flight times, airlines and costs for your chosen departure and arrival airports. So you don’t have to spend hours looking through the times of flights for different airline companies.

2. Screenshot your booking information – Rather than printing off all of your documentation, taking a screenshot on your Smartphone will ensure that you have all of the important information such as booking reference, times, etc. within quick and easy reach. Just make sure that your phone is charged for when you require the info! Some Smartphones have ‘wallet’ apps that you can save them to, as well.

3. Produce a checklist – Creating a checklist that you can use each time that you travel will make planning your trip a lot quicker. List all of the essential tasks that are involved in planning your trip and save it as a ‘To Do List’ style template document. For the majority of your trips, your checklist will stay pretty much the same, just the details will vary from one trip to another.

4. Use the same hotel company – It makes sense to use the same hotel company when you find one that you like. Even if you are travelling to different continents across the world, using the same hotel chain will help you to obtain a consistent travel experience. This is particularly important if you are travelling for work and need to use particular facilities such as Wi-Fi or conference services, for example. A lot of the processes are generally the same as well, so if you are used to checking out at 11 am, receiving a wake-up call or using a good quality gym, you know exactly what you are getting in terms of the services. Booking the same airport hotels in Derbyshire is also a great way to unwind the day before your flight and saves you a lot of hassle on the day itself.

5. Travel accessories – You can speed up packing by having a set of travel toiletries that are used just for when you are travelling, rather than trying to decanter large bottles. It also helps to make better use of your luggage allowance by having the perfect sized toiletries. Suitcases that are easier to pull, with spinning wheels will also help you to get to where you want to be faster and in a less stressful manner!

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